A quick trip to the market

I preface this blog entry with a big Thank you to all that have enabled my time here at the Imcares Agape Village. I am truly grateful to be able to join this family for the time to come. 

Recently, I visited the market with Kaka, the house father here at the Imcares Agape Village. For him it was just another tedious errand, for me, a fascinating experience.

It was around noon at the Imcares Agape village in Paud when Kaki, our house mum, requested that Kaka, our housefather, and I go to the market to buy some vegetables. “Sure, no problem”, said Kaka before pouring a Glass of Chai tea for him and me. It is important to load up on sugar before confronting the sweltering, afternoon sun. A short while later, armed with our sunhats and sunblock, we started down the road that connects the Imcares Agape Village to the Paud market. The road was trafficked by hooting cars, scooters and trucks, decorated with brightly coloured patterns, moving as quickly as the narrow road would allow. 

Along the way, we passed by many small shops each selling very particular products like freshly ground wheat or homemade brooms. We saw street food stalls, wash saloons and even goats and cows with leathery skin, walking on the road as though forming part of the traffic itself. 

Soon, we arrived at the market. There were many little stalls selling products ranging from pots and pans to
sundried fish and homemade sweets. We manoeuvred through the dense mass of people to finally arrive at our vegetable stand. Here, we were met by an elderly lady dressed in a colourful orange, green and blue Sari  operating an old school, mechanical scale. Before her lay heaps of fresh, organic tomatoes, ginger, green chillies and many other vegetables that I have yet to know. After weighing and loading the requested vegetable into the bag, Kaka, who seems to be quite economical, began to negotiate for a reduced fee.

Eventually, a fair price was agreed and it was time for one final stop, Primary School. This was a large yellow building with three floors decorated by blue, glassless window frames. Soon enough, 7 kids, wearing oversized backpacks clumsily made their way toward us, ready to get home after a long day of school. The journey home consisted of much running back and forth, joking and giggling. Food for the soul I quietly thought to myself. After about another 15 minutes of walking in the scorching, Indian sun, we arrived back at the Imcares Agape village. After a quick prayer expressing gratitude for a safe journey, we made our way inside where Kaki was waiting with cool water and a hearty home-cooked meal.

Greetings from Daniel

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