June at the Imcares Agape Village

It’s been over a month since the children began returning to the Imcares Agape Village from their Holiday at home. With them, they brought their clothing, toiletries, and some snacks, along with the vibrant energy that we had all been missing. The days of their arrival were tough for the kids who had to say goodbye to their parents for the next year. Even days after their parents had left, some kids would still spontaneously burst into tears. Their cries were quiet, filled with sorrow, not seeking attention but simply release from the feeling of missing their family.

Soon enough, the kids returned to school, and a daily routine was restored – allowing them to settle back into life here in the village. Every day has been blessed with delicious food prepared by Kaki, usually followed by some sweet and juicy Mangos, picked straight from the trees outside. We’ve all worked, played, laughed, and argued together, just as any conventional family would.

Then, about two weeks ago, the Monsoon season arrived – bringing with it a gift in the form of water. As I write this blog, the rain is pouring down outside my window. We’ve had rain for the past week, every day,sometimes all-day. When in the rain, the kids dance, play, and laugh. They embrace the rain as one would an old friend. Between the heavy showers, the sun peaks at us through the thick blanket of grey clouds, bringing a glossy shine to every leaf, every stone. The air becomes clean and fresh with the smell of wet soil. The sound of chirping birds and grinding crickets reminds us that the village – our little paradise – is not only home to us but to an entire ecosystem of life.

Our daily routine, and the arrival of monsoon season, have put all here at Agape Village into a positive space. Day by day, week by week, we work together, creating a home for all that live here. With that, the plants grow, the animals grow, and we grow.

Many happy greetings from me, Daniel, and all here at the Imcares Agape Village.

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